We deliver virtual workshops and training in different innovation methods and techniques which are tailor-made, highly interactive and most importantly fun. Do you have a team-onboarding, a team-building session or want to upskill your team?


We deliver highly interactive sessions to teach you and make you practise the various innovation methods and tools. These sessions are held in small groups to ensure maximum interaction and close discussion with the facilitator.

Our workshops


Our workshops are tailor-made to explore one of your current business challenges. The time you invest in learning also produces tangible business progress. Applying the learnings immediately to the business also ensures longer retention of the concepts.


Explore your current business problem

A 2-3 day workshop could be a big-time killer for your team and not everything is relevant. Our sessions are short, interactive, and fast-paced 90-minute online sessions that use the best of design thinking, lean startup, and other innovation methods.

The Right Mix

Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, Design Sprint

Most training fizzes out after a few weeks, so we provide follow-up sessions which are a balanced mix of revision of old learnings as well as new methods to ensure continuous learning and application to business challenges as and when they come up.


Reinforcement through follow-up sessions

Our services


We create tailor-made, interactive and problem-focused workshops for teams and individuals in different innovation methods and techniques. We ensure retention of the techniques learnt through practise and application on your current challenges.


Are you working on a new product/ service launch? Have you verified the product-market fit or tested your hypothesis? We can help you manage and execute the fuzzy front end of innovation so you don't fail late and fail expensive!


We are experts in setting up, managing and executing digital events. Are you planning to launch your own webinars or have a digital event within your company? Reach out to us and we can set up everything for you so you can focus on what you do best.

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