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Rohit Agarwal

Founder & Innovation Facilitator

Believing in the power of iterations and working in Loops, Rohit started First Loop and has been building it up in Loops. He believes in practicing what he preaches. With 4+ years of international working experience, Rohit has worn multiple hats in different industries. He believes in adding value to his clients.

Next Hire?

Do you believe in the power of user-centric design methods and would like to take our values to the world? Please drop us a message through the contact form and let us set up a discussion to see if we are a good fit for each other!

This is your chance to get engrossed in the method of working in Loops.



We are an Innovation Management and Training  Development 

Consultancy in the heart of Stockholm. Our name besides being simple to pronounce & easy to remember also describes why we do things the way we do it.

We believe that every great thing was built-in loops of trying, creating, getting feedback, & fixing. So no matter what you do, you will First have to incorporate the principles of Loop into yourself, your team, & your business.  That is the same philosophy we use in both - the training we deliver ourselves & the training we create for our clients. 

Would you like to work with us or learn how we can help you? Write to us, we don't bite...

Our Story

First Loop started amidst the Covid19 pandemic in May of 2020 with the vision to make innovation methods and tools accessible to everyone, whether it be individuals or teams. We say the pandemic causing havoc to the business world around us and saw our friends get laid off. The big question that came up was - How do you prepare teams and individuals for uncertainty?

First Loop started by providing virtual workshops to teams in different innovation methods and techniques such as design thinking, lean startup methodology, persona creation, customer journey mapping, and scenario analysis. With time, we have expanded our services to create training materials and manage LMS for other course creators and training companies.

Learn more about First Loop and what we do

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