Rohit Agarwal

Founder and Innovation Facilitator

Believing in the power of iterations and working in Loops, Rohit started First Loop and has been building it up in Loops. He believes in practising what he preaches. With 4+ years of international working experience, Rohit has worn multiple hats in different industries. He believes in adding value to his clients.

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This is your chance to get engrossed in the method of working in Loops.

Our Team

About Us

We are an Innovation Management Consultancy based in the heart of Stockholm, in the beautiful coworking space of Openlab right next to the Tekniska Hogskolan subway station.


We are a small team of 2 individuals collaborating with others in the community to expand ourselves slowly but steadily. We believe in our processes and providing quick and quality services to our clients.

We choose our clients to build a long-term relationship that is valuable for both of us. Would you like to work with us or learn how we can help you? Write to us, we don't bite...

Our Story

First Loop started amidst the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 with the vision to make innovation methods and tools accessible to everyone, whether it be individuals or teams.

First Loop has in a short time, delivered exciting training to corporate clients as well as individuals, designed training programs and facilitated virtual events with some of the leading names in the world.

Process of Being Looped Up


Short Workshop to ignite an Innovation Spark in your team through a simple problem-solving looped process.

90 Minutes


Explore a current problem with one of our training.

90 Minutes x 4 Sessions


Recurring workshops as a Service based on requirements to build an innovation culture and make sure the learnings don't fade away.

c/o Openlab, Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm,114 28, Sweden

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