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Our training for individuals


Our workshops for teams are tailor-made to explore one of your current business challenges. The time you invest in learning also produces tangible business progress. Our 90 minute sessions are short enough to fit into your workday without disrupting it and long enough to learn and practice the innovation methods and techniques hands-on.

Our workshops start with a warm-up session, followed by the long-form training and we finally recommend recurring workshops at regular intervals to keep the learnings fresh as well as to dive deeper into each sub-topics.


The Spark is our warm-up workshop session to ignite an Innovation Spark through a simple problem-solving looped process.

1 session of 90 Minutes


Follow-up the Spark with our extensive Design Thinking and Lean Startup Workshops to start building an innovation culture with a customer-centric mindset.

90 Minutes x 4 Sessions


Recurring workshops as a Service based on requirements to continue with building the innovation culture and make sure the learnings don't fade away.

90-120 Minutes Sessions Each

All of First Loop workshops are designed to be delivered online using Zoom, MS Teams, or any other video platform your organization uses and the online whiteboard Mural. We can also conduct workshops on our premises or at your location within Sweden.

Reach out to us to get the discussion started.



Majority of the courses today are built to suit a massive audience and hence become generalized. At First Loop, we follow the core principles of instructional design to develop all instructional materials, including presentation materials, participant guides, handouts, and job aids or other materials. We start with assessing your needs for courses and training, design a process with defined outcomes before we start developing the materials, and assess the effectiveness.

At the core, we use three principles in all our instructional design and course development work.


We put ourselves in the learner’s shoes to build courses that are relevant for them. We start with understanding the learner persona, followed by assessing their current skills and the intended learning outcomes for them.

This results in a course that is engaging, exciting, and useful for the learners.


Learning is most efficient when the learner can associate with the content. We tailor the level of writing to the learner's comfort, provide illustrative examples and build relevant case studies.

This increases the learner’s interest in the course and assures higher completion rates.


Most exercises, quizzes, and assignments are meant to just test the learner’s knowledge. We build these elements to give the learner repetition of the core learnings while allowing them to practically apply the learnings.

The repetition and practice allow the learner to retain the information longer.

We work with subject matter experts from various domains to assure that the content is up to standard and meets our extreme quality standards. Our contents can be made to be WACG compatible if needed.


Do you feel we are a good fit to work together? Why not just write to us.


Our Workshops in Design Thinking, Lean Startup mathods

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