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They will steal my idea! Will they though? Elon Musk and Mr.Beast state their opinions...

Elon Musk and Mr. Beast have a lot of common things amongst themselves. Besides being ultra-rich, both of them found their niche and let their creativity, consistency, and commitment do the talking for them! While Mr. Beast is known for giving away a ton of money for his YouTube videos, Elon is known for Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, and the occasional flamethrowers he sells!

When you are big, famous, and have a lot at stake, you can often get hysterical or paranoid about others stealing your ideas, reusing your products/services for their profit, or simply having your ideas stolen! Well, alas, all of these notions hamper your business rather than help it!

In this video, Elon Musk discusses with Joe Rogan about Apex Customs which takes Teslas and customizes them to make them look cooler and more robust!

You would imagine that Elon Musk would be angry at this! They are taking his idea and making it better or maybe Tesla could start doing it themselves. Contrary to this thought process, Elon Musk actually appreciates the mods and says that there is a lot of scope for Apex Customs. He understands that Apex Customs is helping sell his Teslas to an audience that wants custom cars who would otherwise not buy a Tesla.

Probably you are thinking, Hey! They will have to buy a Tesla to modify it, so Elon will anyways make money. I agree! Let me give you another example, in this case, the content creator Mr. Beast shares his thoughts about people clipping his content, posting it, and getting millions of views.

Mr. Beast believes creators copyright striking others who steal their content is actually a bad strategy! He says that others clipping his videos and posting them on different platforms, helps him reach more people who don't know him. In another of his videos, Mr. Beast talks about people copying his video ideas, thumbnail ideas, and his style. He states that he has other important things to worry about rather than chasing the copy-cats. He asks the copy-cats to use his ideas but to add their own creative twist to them.

Both Elon Musk and Mr. Beast show confidence in their products and believe in their abilities. They realize that when they put their products to a wider audience, a lot of people will copy them, and instead of being angry about it, they actually encourage people to do it in a creative way by adding a little twist.

What can you learn from both of them?

  • Copy and steal others' ideas but make them better.

  • If you know what you are doing, then others copying your ideas is not a big problem.

  • When others build on your work, they are helping you reach a wider audience, so embrace it rather than fight it.

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